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Web · Cases in Marketing. April Publisher: Vijaynicole Imprints Ltd. ISBN: Web · Chapter 2: Norsk Hydro Fertilizers in the United States: Entering a Highly Competitive Market; Case A: –; Case B: –; Chapter 3: MediaMarkt: WebCase Studies Titles: The Coke Pepsi Rivalry. Kellogg's Indian Experience 'All Out' - Marketing a Mosquito Repellant. Pizza Wars. Relaunch of Frooti-The 'Digen Verma' ... read more

Dealing with a Subsidiary in Crisis. Evaluating an Advertising Campaign. Establishing a Market Strategy. A Multifactor Portfolio Model. The Management of a Local and International Shopping Centre. The Standardization versus Customization Dilemma. For instructors. Select a Purchasing Option Electronic Order Options VitalSource Amazon Kindle Google Play eBooks. ISBN: Related Products. To understand how Grubhub was able to turn negative community sentiment and drive a brand-amplifying strategy , read the Grubhub marketing case study. Download the Grubhub marketing case study. Throughout the COVID pandemic, we've been bombarded with misinformation about the virus and the various vaccines. In this case study, we look at how UNICEF MENARO developed a communication strategy to battle the fake news that threatened to undermine the vaccine program in the Middle East and North Africa.

The pandemic caught us by surprise, and we lacked a reliable source of truth. This issue was exacerbated with the release of the vaccine, when we suffered a further deluge of fake news that fed the rising anti-vaccine mood. It became critical for organizations promoting the vaccine to understand the concerns of the public , enabling them to put peoples' fears to rest. For UNICEF MENARO this meant using Talkwalker's consumer intelligence platform to track misinformation keywords , along with mentions of COVID in online conversations in the MENA region to see just how serious the situation was. Sentiment analysis was used to find the overall sentiment around vaccines, with results showing that net sentiment was low, proving vaccine hesitancy.

The net sentiment around vaccines from December - April demonstrated the overall negative view of vaccines. To shift the sentiment, UNICEF in MENA activated the voices of community members to engage with people and allay their vaccine fears. UNICEF'S communication strategy delivered a data-driven narrative using strategic partnerships, influencer marketing, and real-life testimonies. Short-form videos that were a strong part of the strategy, with the video for the MaskUp campaign receiving over K mentions between April and May Number of mentions of MaskUp in the MENA region during the past 13 months. UNICEF continues to play a key role in monitoring conversation around the pandemic, whether it's positive or negative.

To understand more about how UNICEF used consumer intelligence to battle fake news , and the successful campaigns it launched, check out our UNICEF marketing case study. Download the UNICEF marketing case study. The secret to a successful social media strategy is ensuring it's aligned with your business goals. This marketing case study explores how the University of Sydney used a combination of Hootsuite and Talkwalker and increased sentiment, engagement, and video views. The university was looking to boost its reputation for research, entice a more diverse range of top-level students, and build a brand that would stand out in a crowd. A forward thinking university, social media would inevitably play a big part, so much so, it already had a Social Squad using Hootsuite, Talkwalker, and Adobe.

What did the squad do? Bringing the various faculty teams together, it created a social media strategy that aligned content, goals, and reporting across it's 36 official social channels. Sentiment analysis and social media listening enabled the university to measure and manage its brand reputation. Collecting insights that informed the campaign strategy and boosted sentiment through social media communication. Providing these insights to our stakeholders demonstrates what social media can do for our brand and helps us secure investment to increase our budgets and grow our team. In the past, when content was shared across multiple channels without a plan, reporting results was hard.

The introduction of Hootsuite Impact meant that the team could efficiently report on engagement, campaign performance, and ROI. A year into its successful social media strategy, the university continues to collect student insights, and is looking to recruit influencers to meet new goals. For more details on how the university used social media to improve its reputation, download our University of Sydney marketing case study. Download the University of Sydney marketing case study. With a whopping The most popular emojis used when it comes to discussing pizza. Their hip, young target audience. Using image recognition, photos of pizzas posted on social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - were identified, along with background scenes and objects.

Which cities to open in? Which brand partnerships to explore? How will cultural differences influence the design of each new menu? Speed up the growth of your business by closing the gap between your brand and consumers. Previously, the brand had been manually collecting social media data. This was not only time consuming, but vital information was being missed. It was only natural for us to turn to social listening to improve the performance and efficiency of our marketing and communications teams. Talkwalker has allowed us to unlock access to a much larger conversation around our brand than ever before.

With all these new insights to hand, HelloFresh began to develop a crisis management plan. Download the HelloFresh marketing case study. This is a case study from a few years back, so pre pandemic. But it remains a landing page that converts, bigly. The buzz from the mispriced tickets caused a huge increase in mentions, engagement and reach. For starters, because it enables them to hone in on exactly what each segment wants to hear. In tandem with your positioning, messaging, persona, and segmentation work, use cases take your content to the next level. Last but not least, if you have detailed use cases, your product team can build products and features specifically for that use case.

For easiness sake, we'll stick with our Unbounce example. Do people who build landing pages for PPC campaigns need new or slightly different features to those who build landing pages for email campaigns? Use case research will tell you this. When customers are being presented with the opportunity to use a product to suit their needs, this keeps them happy and makes life much easier for the organization. Silvia also shared her golden piece of advice for product marketers considering using use cases in their practice:. Product Marketing Consultant Harvey Lee gave his insights into use cases and how they can be used within the industry:. Use cases are like anything else; some people know all there is to know, whilst others struggle with the basics.

Establishing a consistent level of understanding of the concept across teams at your respective company is imperative, to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction. With an overriding objective of choosing the right story to tell to the right prospects? Kate Terry, Demand Marketing Manager at Turtl , explained the measures in place at her company:. Product marketing is and always will be a customer-centric role. A core part of your job is to value the voice of the customer and advocate for their wants, needs, and pain points. The Customer Marketing Certified: Masters course has been designed to give you invaluable, practical insights into streamlining your customer marketing approach so that you can ensure that:. Lawrence is our Copywriter here at PMA who loves crafting content to keep readers informed, entertained, and enthralled.

He's always open to feedback and would be thrilled to hear from you! Log in Membership. Exec Membership For product marketing leaders Apply for Exec Membership Master bundles PMM strategy templates Recruitment hub PMM crash courses Monthly masterminds Leadership peer councils.

A marketing case study allows you to illustrate and explain how you achieved enormous success in a specific situation. For instance, last year, Jacob McMillen wrote about how Pronto used Crazy Egg to increase leads by 24 percent. You want to shock your audience, then explain exactly how you achieved your results — preferably with proof. You might have read lots of case studies over the years without realizing your business could benefit from them. Lots of entrepreneurs are put off by the hard work and long hours required to build a marketing case study. However, think about how many leads you might convert by proving your track record, establishing trust, and attracting traffic through SEO. A case study in marketing is a document or web page that includes several basic parts:.

You want to show the world how your product or service has helped a customer in a huge way. In other words, try not to reverse-engineer a case study from a great result. Instead, track your arrangement with your customer throughout the process. Think of a marketing case study as a lure. One company has a marketing case study that illustrates how it helped a customer save four hours per week. The other company has no case study. You can use that consumer logic to inform your business decisions. Thinking like a customer can help you achieve new insights into marketing. Creating a marketing case study gives you an edge that your competitors might have. It can also help your leads make more informed decisions.

Too many businesses copy their competitors or other businesses. Instead, you should spend time being more creative and innovative. Below is a video by Neil Patel that illustrates why you need to quit copying digital marketing strategies. A marketing case study gives you that opportunity because nobody else can duplicate it. Anybody can throw testimonials on their site by Ron R. and Jennifer K. Anyone can also make them up. Trust is tenuous in the digital marketing world. Think about all the companies that have experienced data hacks. Their stocks plummeted, consumer sentiment turned ugly, and profits dwindled. Similarly, any company can make bold claims about its products or services.

Consumers have become numb to superlative-littered copy and hyped-up videos. They want to see evidence. Marketing case studies show how you tackled a problem and overcame it on behalf of your customer or client. The more detail you give, the more authority you create for your company — and the more your leads will trust your expertise. Each of these marketing case studies illustrates the power behind the medium. Here, we have a fairly vague result. Ecommerce marketing case studies can become extremely valuable. In this case, Bit. ly used a more traditional template for a marketing case study.

The PDF document includes several sections that take you through the process of how Vissla improved its omnichannel marketing with Bit. The results were that Vissla was able to visualize and centralize data in one place. They gained greater control over their social media marketing, which resulted in faster and better improvements in the content they shared. By giving us an easy-to-use dashboard that instantly displays the results of our multichannel promotions, we can see what kinds of content work on what channel, which channels we should be investing in the most, and what we need to do to optimize our content.

Notice that he used hard numbers. People comprehend real numbers faster than lengthy text explanations. This MarketingSherpa case study is super detailed and describes the process by which MarketingSherpa helped a natural foods company boost revenue by 18 percent with a site redesign. You see the entire project from start to finish. Since this marketing case study focused on design, visuals were imperative. Let your business and its niche guide the way in which you construct your case study. It should be geared toward other businesses or customers who might benefit from your business.

You might notice that many companies publish numerous marketing case studies. You can either choose a project that has already concluded or one that is starting or underway. Decide which segment of your target audience you want to appeal to first. Next, select a case study subject closely related to that segment. You want your marketing case study to resonate with the leads you most want to convert. Decide what parts of the case study you want to highlight. You might have several key points. When you can provide numbers, do so. Make it exciting! Add sensory details, frustration points, and colorful anecdotes. It needs to engage the reader so he or she keeps going until the end.

If possible, intersperse the copy with images. Make them relevant and easy to see on the screen. As mentioned above, results are paramount. If you can express them in numeric form, so much the better. Consider creating a custom graphic to serve as the featured image on your post. That way, people can share the image on social. Add the amazing result to the text on the image to entice people to click. The point here is to capture attention. As long as you maintain that attention, you have a good chance of converting the lead.

Add images and leading lines to keep the visitor engaged. Remember that color matters. Open up the forum for more insights. Invite readers to ask you direct questions about your business, products, services, or methods. Not only that, but respond to those comments. Take each one as a gift. These comments might tell you what type of case study you should create next or allow you to cement a conversion by answering objections or questions. Marketing case studies can improve your conversion rate , but you have to put in the time and effort.

Remember that trust matters when it comes to converting leads into customers. A great marketing case study demonstrates your track record. Content marketing is in a state of surplus: there is too much supply of branded content and diminishing returns of audience engagement. The solution might lie in tripwire marketing. The term tripwire marketing might…. Consumers have become increasingly blind to marketing and advertising strategies. Your content marketing strategy influences how you reach your audience. Many businesses…. The internet is suffused with data that is ever-flowing and ever-changing. Keeping your audience engaged with your content, whether it is on your website, social….

As a basic concept in marketing, the sales funnel is all about making prospects aware of your brand at first touch, right through to the…. For instance, last year, Jacob McMillen…. What is a target audience? And why does your specific target audience matter? PRs and SEOs love press releases. You get an SEO boost, earning links from journalists in your space across a bunch of different sites. Copywriters and content marketers are often required to write about industries or topics they know little about. This can make it a challenge to position…. We all know blogging is an important part of online marketing. To succeed online today requires as many landing pages as possible, each ranking for….

You put so much time and effort and money, possibly into your epic blog post. And boy did it get you results. That sucker got….

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WebCase Studies Titles: The Coke Pepsi Rivalry. Kellogg's Indian Experience 'All Out' - Marketing a Mosquito Repellant. Pizza Wars. Relaunch of Frooti-The 'Digen Verma' Web · Cases in Marketing. April Publisher: Vijaynicole Imprints Ltd. ISBN: Web · Chapter 2: Norsk Hydro Fertilizers in the United States: Entering a Highly Competitive Market; Case A: –; Case B: –; Chapter 3: MediaMarkt: ... read more

After you have started gathering all the facts, you need to make sure that you put them into writing so that it looks more like a story that people are going to love. The internet is suffused with data that is ever-flowing and ever-changing. However, think about how many leads you might convert by proving your track record, establishing trust, and attracting traffic through SEO. Analyse the different aspects of the problem and deeply check the underrated facts. On the B2B side, use cases are somewhat different, because, in principle, a business has the same problem as a customer; they have a problem, and they try to solve it. With the increasing demand for authenticity and inclusivity, the beauty industry has been opting for social media and specifically, influencer marketing instead of traditional advertising methods. About Us Our story Life Talkwalker Careers Partners Newsroom Press releases Contact Us.

Why Should You Attend? Consumers cases in marketing it, creating a ton of fun and creative pieces of content. Independence and Freedom are things that are cherished by people all around the world. Each of these marketing case studies illustrates the power behind the medium. The Management of a Local and International Shopping Centre, cases in marketing. Amway's Indian Network Marketing Experience. Japan - Talkwalker K.