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Web1. The Godfather () R | min | Crime, Drama Rate Metascore The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty in postwar New York City transfers control of his Web3. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery () PG | min | Comedy, Crime, Drama Rate 81 Metascore Famed Southern detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece for his Web1. The Power of the Dog () R | min | Drama, Romance, Western Rate 89 Metascore Charismatic rancher Phil Burbank inspires fear and awe in those around him. Web1. The Novice () R | 97 min | Drama, Sport, Thriller Rate 85 Metascore A college freshman joins her university's rowing team and undertakes an obsessive physical and WebThe Batman85% 85%. #2. Critics Consensus: A grim, gritty, and gripping super-noir, The Batman ranks among the Dark Knight's bleakest -- and most thrillingly ambitious -- live ... read more

How many other directors will cast a stunt actor in a role like this. Every scene she is in just adds more confident that we should be taking stunt actors and performers more seriously. Others include people like Omari Hardwick who I have been shouting from the rooftop to give this man some work. And again here he does not disappoint. And where his character goes just put a huge smile on my face. Nora Arnezeder may not have a huge action set piece but she has something different. A back story that I really want to see. Like honestly Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, and Ana de la Reguera that trio story is done.

But Nora I want to see a prequel with her character because of what they set up with her is so damn fascinating that I love it. She is the one character that I wanted more from. Of course I love my boy Raúl Castillo and a nice introduction to Matthias Schweighöfer who will be getting that prequel. Even Tig Notaro who almost steals this whole damn show adds a lot with her character. In the end a real nice balance of action and horror. Which has been missing a lot lately. So it was so damn nice to see a change of pace in a genre that has been lacking some verity. But this ups the ante to a level where this should be the standard. I love it. PG min Biography, Drama, History. An attorney in Washington D. Director: Sara Colangelo Stars: Michael Keaton , Amy Ryan , Stanley Tucci , Tate Donovan.

TV-MA 87 min Comedy, Drama, Music. A musical comedy special shot and performed by Bo Burnham, alone, over the course of a very unusual year. Director: Bo Burnham Star: Bo Burnham. Votes: 48, This is honestly just insane. It is almost purposelessly to review because this special really wears the message on its sleeve. Which is why the second to last song hits so well. But honestly like what is the point of even reviewing this. What I can say is this inspired me to do something that I love. And do it because it is something that I want to do. No matter the outcome both positive and negative I have to at least try. So I can at least say thank you for that. TV-MA min Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller. A three-person crew on a mission to Mars faces an impossible choice when an unplanned passenger jeopardizes the lives of everyone on board.

Director: Joe Penna Stars: Anna Kendrick , Daniel Dae Kim , Shamier Anderson , Toni Collette. Votes: 46, Loved her. She is amazing. Aside from her the rest of the cast gives a great performance. Shamier Anderson who gives a great cry face without actually crying got me a couple of times. Toni Collete never disappoints but she is not the lead of the film and she plays your typical captain of a crew who has to make tough decisions but she does come off really well and sells her scenes with the others. Last their is Daniel Dae Kim who surprised me here at how good he is. While I never watched him on tv and the movies he has been in have him play small parts his performance here is nothing sort of great.

Last onto the director. While not trying to overly explain itself or even undersell the dyer situation this crew finds itself. Little things here and there are presented throughout to make sure you understand just how important it comes up later in the movie. While yes the ending no spoilers does stop short of giving the audience something satisfying to take away from the movie I found it more melancholy which honestly worked out best for this movie. Because it leads whoever is watching a different path on realizing what movie this truly is. You can still take away a lot from this movie and not feel like you have wasted your time. I really enjoyed it and found it riveting to say the least.

Also the last 30 minutes have been the most exciting ending to a movie I have seen in a while. Buster Moon and his friends must persuade reclusive rock star Clay Calloway to join them for the opening of a new show. Directors: Garth Jennings , Christophe Lourdelet Stars: Matthew McConaughey , Reese Witherspoon , Scarlett Johansson , Tori Kelly. R 92 min Drama, Thriller. Enter the relentless pressure of a restaurant kitchen as a head chef wrangles his team on the busiest day of the year. Director: Philip Barantini Stars: Stephen Graham , Vinette Robinson , Alice Feetham , Ray Panthaki. Votes: 25, R min Comedy, Drama. Mikey Saber is a washed-up porn star who returns to his small Texas hometown, not that anyone really wants him back. Director: Sean Baker Stars: Simon Rex , Bree Elrod , Suzanna Son , Brenda Deiss.

Votes: 23, PG min Action, Adventure, Drama. A noble family becomes embroiled in a war for control over the galaxy's most valuable asset while its heir becomes troubled by visions of a dark future. Director: Denis Villeneuve Stars: Timothée Chalamet , Rebecca Ferguson , Zendaya , Oscar Isaac. Curse you Timmy you bested Rbats again. Stop with these lies they just want money. And if it gets release next year then let it bomb. But I still love Denis V. PG min Action, Adventure, Thriller. James Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when Felix Leiter, an old friend from the CIA, turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology. Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga Stars: Daniel Craig , Ana de Armas , Rami Malek , Léa Seydoux.

Damn they just released the music video for Billie Eyelash song for this movie. O well it is what it is. PG min Action, Adventure, Comedy. A bank teller discovers that he's actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game. Director: Shawn Levy Stars: Ryan Reynolds , Jodie Comer , Taika Waititi , Lil Rel Howery. PG min Crime, Drama, Musical. An adaptation of the musical, West Side Story explores forbidden love and the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds. Director: Steven Spielberg Stars: Ansel Elgort , Rachel Zegler , Ariana DeBose , David Alvarez.

Votes: 81, R 84 min Drama, Horror, Mystery. Director: Rose Glass Stars: Morfydd Clark , Caoilfhionn Dunne , Jennifer Ehle , Marcus Hutton. TV-MA min Action, Adventure, Drama. Set in the year and follows the crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory. When they discover a humanoid robot named Dorothy that's known to be a weapon of mass destruction, they get involved in a risky business deal. Director: Sung-hee Jo Stars: Song Joong-ki , Kim Tae-ri , Jin Seon-kyu , Hae-Jin Yoo. This is movie is awesome. But after that first hour this thing gets into hyper speed and blasts off like a rocket.

This movie is dark in some places and people die. I mean the story is about this organization trying to kill this little girl. It is exactly the type of film I love to watch and have a good time with. O yeah so glad to see so much talent on screen do an incredible job with some killer performances. Just cool characters. Some straight out of a Guy Ritchie movie which is more than I can ask for. The story of Barney, an awkward middle-schooler and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally-connected device. Ron's malfunctions set against the backdrop of the social media age launch them on a journey to learn about true friendship. Directors: Sarah Smith , Jean-Philippe Vine , Octavio E.

Rodriguez Stars: Jack Dylan Grazer , Zach Galifianakis , Ed Helms , Olivia Colman. Votes: 33, PG min Adventure, Comedy, Crime. Director: Craig Gillespie Stars: Emma Stone , Emma Thompson , Joel Fry , Paul Walter Hauser. Who makes a 2 hour plus zombie heist movie. Let these artist make the film they want to make. Idk if that is a spoiler but whatever. Just like that cheesy line this movie does have a lot of cheesy moments where it is edited pretty poorly in some scenes that took me out of it. Well that is all the complaints I have.

Holy crap this movie is so good. I really liked it. Even after a day of seeing it I kinda want to say that it is better than A Quiet Place Part 2. But this movie has an incredible and by incredible I mean a stunning and striking lead performance in Emma Stone. Holy shit she is by far the best thing in this movie. Emma Thompson of course is a great counter to what Emma is doing here. But after all these years of of seeing Emma Stone in many projects never before has she hit a home run like this. And yeah some other actress could have made it into a farce but that is why Thompson is so good at what she does. O yeah I love the ending line and the way Emma made her eyes.

Gosh she is so good here. It is a little predictable and a lot of convinces started to happen. And yeah things happen for plot reason. Like really the day of all days Emma Thompson shows up just happens to be the day Emma Stone gets drunk and makes a fabulous dress in the window so everyone can see. It is far fetch but holy crap was I in love with this movie. So I really liked it. R min Action, Crime, Thriller. The plot follows H, a cold and mysterious character working at a cash truck company responsible for moving hundreds of millions of dollars around Los Angeles each week. Director: Guy Ritchie Stars: Jason Statham , Holt McCallany , Josh Hartnett , Rocci Williams.

It was nice just to escape and see a film with some hard ass action scenes and a story that I think is well developed enough for you to care about the action going on screen. Also the Stathantor honestly has never been better. He does elevate the material because he plays his character so straight that you know he is going to break and you do not want to be anywhere near him when that happens. The first half is just written pretty bad and I wish some of the supporting actors had a little more time to shine but when they do it is mainly dialogue to suit the narrative, never for the sake of getting to know these people. Only Jeffery Donavon is when you kinda get a sense of who he is outside of the narrative to actually care about him.

But this is the Jason Statham show and he does not disappoint here. I had a blast. PG min Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. When a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. Director: Jason Reitman Stars: Carrie Coon , Paul Rudd , Finn Wolfhard , Mckenna Grace. I laughed more than expected and had more fun than any of the other movies. McKenna Grace is without a doubt the reason why this movie works.

It has to be the other actors tho that I think also stepped up their A game. Paul Rudd is great as always. Carrie Coon I have always love to watch and she is playing your usual concern mom but I mean she is a great actress so she can do anything. Finn Wolfhard here is pretty good as well. R min Comedy, Drama, Romance. A love letter to journalists set in an outpost of an American newspaper in a fictional twentieth century French city that brings to life a collection of stories published in "The French Dispatch Magazine". Director: Wes Anderson Stars: Benicio Del Toro , Adrien Brody , Tilda Swinton , Léa Seydoux. PG min Drama, Musical, Romance. A film version of the Broadway musical in which Usnavi, a sympathetic New York bodega owner, saves every penny every day as he imagines and sings about a better life.

Director: Jon M. Chu Stars: Anthony Ramos , Corey Hawkins , Leslie Grace , Melissa Barrera. Votes: 47, How undocumented immigrants have to go thur just to understand what it means to live like everyone else. It is amazing how a film that has a blanket of a fun musical, updates a story but feel timeless with its message that if any kid who fears of not reaching their full potential can watch this and see them represented on screen. But all of this came from after I watch the movie. The first half is okay but after a certain music number that is when I knew I was watching something special. Which is a high praise when it comes to musicals. Director: Fisher Stevens Stars: Justin Timberlake , Juno Temple , Alisha Wainwright , Ryder Allen.

Votes: 35, But for me I was moved by this emotional story dealing with second chances to not let anyone decide what your actions dictate who you are. JT is really good here. But also surprisingly tho the script is also very emotional that it did get a tear out of my eye. This is what Hillbilly Elegy wishes it had done. No narration which is a good choice because it would have been too corny and no big speech about how important it is to be a good person. Which it is true. However, this movie is not about beating your head in with a message it is a very entertaining drama that yes you may have seen before but with some excellent performances, some good writing, and okay direction it did put a smile on my face at the end.

Along with any film to make me cry it gets my recommendation to watch. PG 85 min Animation, Action, Crime. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. Sign In. Fully supported English United States Partially supported Français Canada Français France Deutsch Deutschland हिंदी भारत Italiano Italia Português Brasil Español España Español México. Copy from this list Export Report this list. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Instant Watch Options Genres Movies or TV IMDb Rating In Theaters Release Year Keywords. Prime Video 3 Prime Video Rent or Buy Drama 74 Action 36 Adventure 34 Thriller 34 Comedy 32 Sci-Fi 32 Mystery 25 Fantasy 24 Crime 23 Horror 17 Animation 13 Romance 7 Biography 5 Family 5 History 4 Musical 4 Sport 4 Documentary 3 Western 3 Music 2 Short 1.

Feature Film 67 TV Series 28 TV Mini-Series 9 TV Special 1 Video Game 1. IMDb user rating average 1 1. In Favorite Theaters In Theaters Near You Reset. Release year or range to ». Sort by: List Order Popularity Alphabetical IMDb Rating Number of Votes Release Date Runtime Date Added. The Novice R 97 min Drama, Sport, Thriller 6. Error: please try again. Zack Snyder's Justice League R min Action, Adventure, Fantasy 8. Spider-Man: No Way Home PG min Action, Adventure, Fantasy 8. Critics Consensus: Led by the soaring melody of Cate Blanchett's note-perfect performance, Tár riffs brilliantly on the discordant side of fame-fueled power. Starring: Cate Blanchett , Noémie Merlant , Nina Hoss , Sophie Kauer.

Directed By: Todd Field. Critics Consensus: Halloween Ends -- for now, anyway -- with a frequently befuddling installment that's stabbed, slashed, and beaten by a series of frustrating missed opportunities. Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis , Andi Matichak , James Jude Courtney , Will Patton. Directed By: David Gordon Green. Critics Consensus: A fresh spin on the classic slasher formula, X marks the spot where Ti West gets resoundingly back to his horror roots. Starring: Mia Goth , Jenna Ortega , Martin Henderson , Brittany Snow. Directed By: Ti West. Critics Consensus: Till reframes an historically horrific murder within a mother's grief, brought heartwrenchingly to life by Danielle Deadwyler's tremendous performance.

Starring: Danielle Deadwyler , Jalyn Hall , Frankie Faison , Haley Bennett. Directed By: Chinonye Chukwu. Critics Consensus: The cast is game and the visuals are dazzling, but a deeply derivative narrative means The School for Good and Evil flunks on the storytelling front. Starring: Sophia Anne Caruso , Sofia Wylie , Charlize Theron , Michelle Yeoh. Directed By: Paul Feig. Critics Consensus: Pearl finds Ti West squeezing fresh gore out of the world he created with X -- and once again benefiting from a brilliant Mia Goth performance. Starring: Mia Goth , David Corenswet , Tandi Wright , Matthew Sunderland.

Critics Consensus: A spooky yarn told with taut economy, Werewolf by Night is a standout Marvel entry that proves Michael Giacchino as atmospheric and skilled a director as he is a composer. Starring: Gael García Bernal , Laura Donnelly , Harriet Sansom Harris. Directed By: Michael Giacchino. Critics Consensus: Sissy weaves timely themes into its rich blend of horror and dark humor, topped off by terrific work from a talented cast led by Aisha Dee. Starring: Aisha Dee , Yerin Ha , Lucy Barrett , Hannah Barlow. Directed By: Hannah Barlow , Kane Senes.

Starring: Elena Anaya , Eva Llorach , Eloy Azorín , Carlos Santos. Directed By: Ignacio Tatay. Starring: Keegan-Michael Key , Jordan Peele , Lyric Ross , Angela Bassett. Directed By: Henry Selick. Critics Consensus: Armageddon Time finds writer-director James Gray excavating his own past and returning with a well-acted drama refreshingly free of nostalgia. Starring: Anne Hathaway , Jeremy Strong , Michael Banks Repeta , Jaylin Webb. Directed By: James Gray. Critics Consensus: Amsterdam has a bunch of big stars and a very busy plot, all of which amounts to painfully less than the sum of its dazzling parts. Starring: Christian Bale , Margot Robbie , John David Washington , Chris Rock. Directed By: David O. Starring: Yasen Atour , Vår Haugholt , Katharine Bennett-Fox , Ronja Haugholt.

Directed By: Conor Boru. Critics Consensus: Admirable for its originality and ambition even when its reach exceeds its grasp, Nope adds Spielbergian spectacle to Jordan Peele's growing arsenal. Starring: Daniel Kaluuya , Keke Palmer , Steven Yeun , Michael Wincott. Directed By: Jordan Peele. Critics Consensus: All hail Viola Davis! Starring: Viola Davis , Thuso Mbedu , Lashana Lynch , Sheila Atim. Directed By: Gina Prince-Bythewood. Critics Consensus: Triangle of Sadness lacks the sharp edges of Östlund's earlier work, but this blackly humorous swipe at the obscenely affluent has its own rewards. Starring: Harris Dickinson , Charlbi Dean , Woody Harrelson , Dolly De Leon. Directed By: Ruben Östlund. Critics Consensus: Bullet Train 's colorful cast and high-speed action are almost enough to keep things going after the story runs out of track.

Starring: Brad Pitt , Joey King , Aaron Taylor-Johnson , Brian Tyree Henry. Directed By: Jane Campion. Critics Consensus: A strikingly assured debut for writer-director Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Lost Daughter unites a brilliant cast in service of a daringly ambitious story. Starring: Olivia Colman , Dakota Johnson , Peter Sarsgaard , Jessie Buckley. Directed By: Maggie Gyllenhaal. Critics Consensus: An original animated tale that's often as daring as its characters, The Sea Beast sends audiences on a voyage well worth taking. Starring: Karl Urban , Zaris-Angel Hator , Jared Harris , Dan Stevens. Directed By: Chris Williams. Critics Consensus: Fearlessly ambitious, scathingly funny, and thoroughly original, Sorry to Bother You loudly heralds the arrival of a fresh filmmaking talent in writer-director Boots Riley.

Starring: Lakeith Stanfield , Tessa Thompson , Jermaine Fowler , Omari Hardwick. Directed By: Boots Riley. Critics Consensus: Boasting an entertaining villain and deeper emotional focus, this is a nimble sequel that improves upon the original. Starring: Tobey Maguire , Kirsten Dunst , James Franco , Alfred Molina. Directed By: Sam Raimi. Critics Consensus: The Meyerowitz Stories New and Selected observes the family dynamic through writer-director Noah Baumbach's bittersweet lens and the impressive efforts of a remarkable cast. Starring: Adam Sandler , Ben Stiller , Dustin Hoffman , Emma Thompson. Critics Consensus: Hustle doesn't have any fancy moves, but it doesn't need them -- Adam Sandler's everyman charm makes this easy layup fun to watch. Starring: Adam Sandler , Juancho Hernangomez , Queen Latifah , Ben Foster.

Directed By: Jeremiah Zagar. Critics Consensus: Private Life uses one couple's bumpy journey to take an affecting look at an easily identifiable - and too rarely dramatized - rite of adult passage. Starring: Paul Giamatti , Kathryn Hahn , Kayli Carter , Molly Shannon. Directed By: Tamara Jenkins. Critics Consensus: Smart and suspenseful, CAM is a techno-thriller that's far more than the sum of its salacious parts -- and an outstanding showcase for Madeline Brewer in the leading role. Starring: Madeline Brewer , Patch Darragh , Melora Walters , Devin Druid.

Directed By: Daniel Goldhaber. Critics Consensus: Fyre smolders with agonizing tension when a party in paradise goes awry, but this slickly assembled documentary reserves its greatest horror for damning observations about the dangers of wealth. Directed By: Chris Smith. Critics Consensus: Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese lives up to its unwieldy title with a delightfully unorthodox look at a pivotal period in its subject's career. Starring: Bob Dylan , Joan Baez , Patti Smith , Roger McGuinn. Critics Consensus: Final Account falls shy of the definitive statement suggested by its title, but the belated reckoning on display remains chillingly valuable viewing.

Starring: Luke Holland. Directed By: Luke Holland. Critics Consensus: Hush navigates the bloody waters of home invasion thrillers and incisive slashers for a contemporary horror puree. Starring: John Gallagher Jr. Directed By: Mike Flanagan. Critics Consensus: Sand Storm marks an impressive first feature for debuting writer-director Elite Zexer that offers a perceptive -- and crucial -- look at patriarchal traditions. Starring: Lamis Ammar , Ruba Blal , Hitham Omari , Khadija Al Akel. Directed By: Elite Zexer. Critics Consensus: Sam Mendes brings Bond surging back with a smart, sexy, riveting action thriller that qualifies as one of the best films to date.

Starring: Daniel Craig , Judi Dench , Javier Bardem , Ralph Fiennes. Directed By: Sam Mendes. Critics Consensus: Fierce energy and ambition course through Da 5 Bloods , coming together to fuel one of Spike Lee's most urgent and impactful films. Starring: Delroy Lindo , Jonathan Majors , Clarke Peters , Norm Lewis. Directed By: Spike Lee. Critics Consensus: Entertaining if not essential, El Camino adds a satisfying belated coda to the Breaking Bad story -- led by a career-best performance from Aaron Paul. Starring: Aaron Paul , Matt Jones , Charles Baker. Directed By: Vince Gilligan. Critics Consensus: Dreamlike and haunting, We the Animals approaches the coming-of-age odyssey with a uniquely documentarian eye. Starring: Raul Castillo , Sheila Vand , Evan Rosado , Isaiah Kristian.

Critics Consensus: Beautifully animated and faithful to the spirit of its classic source material, The Little Prince is a family-friendly treat that anchors thrilling visuals with a satisfying story. Starring: Jeff Bridges , Rachel McAdams , James Franco , Marion Cotillard. Directed By: Mark Osborne. Critics Consensus: Miss Americana provides an engaging if somewhat deliberately opaque backstage look at a pop star turned cultural phenomenon. Starring: Taylor Swift. Directed By: Lana Wilson. Critics Consensus: Thanks to a smart script, spectacular set pieces, and charismatic performances from its leads, Men in Black is an entirely satisfying summer blockbuster hit.

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones , Will Smith , Linda Fiorentino , Vincent D'Onofrio. Directed By: Barry Sonnenfeld. Critics Consensus: As fascinating as it is provocative, We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks presents another documentary triumph for director Alex Gibney, as well as a troubling look at one of the more meaningful issues of our time. Starring: Julian Assange , Chelsea Manning , Robert Manne , Michael Hayden. Directed By: Alex Gibney. Critics Consensus: Both timely and timeless, All Quiet on the Western Front retains the power of its classic source material by focusing on the futility of war. Starring: Felix Kammerer , Albrecht Schuch , Aaron Hilmer , Moritz Klaus.

Directed By: Edward Berger. Critics Consensus: Set It Up follows the long-established outlines of the rom-com template -- and in the process, proves there's still substantial pleasure to be wrought from familiar formulas. Starring: Zoey Deutch , Glen Powell , Lucy Liu , Taye Diggs. Directed By: Claire Scanlon. Critics Consensus: Icarus is eye-opening viewing for professional sports enthusiasts, yet it should also prove thoroughly gripping even for filmgoers who might not necessarily be drawn to the subject. Starring: Dan Cogan , Bryan Fogel , Richard Pound , Dave Zabriskie. Directed By: Bryan Fogel. Starring: Jim Carrey , Danny DeVito , Milos Forman , Peter Bonerz. Critics Consensus: Led by a committed performance from Julian Barratt, Mindhorn offers audiences a laugh-out-loud comedy whose sublime silliness is enhanced by its more thoughtful moments.

Starring: Julian Barratt , Essie Davis , Andrea Riseborough , Harriet Walter. Directed By: Sean Foley. Critics Consensus: Into the Inferno finds director Werner Herzog observing some of the most beautiful -- and terrifying -- wonders of the natural world with his signature blend of curiosity and insight. Starring: Werner Herzog , Clive Oppenheimer , Katia Krafft , Maurice Krafft. Directed By: Werner Herzog , Clive Oppenheimer. Critics Consensus: Like a good wine, once you let Uncorked breathe, its heartfelt tenderness will yield a sweet time. Starring: Mamoudou Athie , Courtney B. Vance , Niecy Nash , Sasha Compère. Directed By: Prentice Penny. Critics Consensus: Phantom Thread 's finely woven narrative is filled out nicely by humor, intoxicating romantic tension, and yet another impressively committed performance from Daniel Day-Lewis.

Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis , Vicky Krieps , Lesley Manville , Camilla Rutherford. Directed By: Paul Thomas Anderson. Critics Consensus: The Nice Guys hearkens back to the buddy comedies of a bygone era while adding something extra courtesy of a knowing script and the irresistible chemistry of its leads. Starring: Russell Crowe , Ryan Gosling , Angourie Rice , Matt Bomer. Directed By: Shane Black. Critics Consensus: Gripping, suspenseful, and brilliantly crafted, Zero Dark Thirty dramatizes the hunt for Osama bin Laden with intelligence and an eye for detail.

Starring: Jessica Chastain , Jason Clarke , Joel Edgerton , Jennifer Ehle. Critics Consensus: Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine finds the director in peak late-period form -- and benefiting from a superb cast led by Cate Blanchett. Starring: Alec Baldwin , Cate Blanchett , Louis C. Directed By: Woody Allen. Critics Consensus: Based on a powerful true story and led by note-perfect performances from Judi Dench and Steve Coogan, Philomena offers a profoundly affecting drama for adult filmgoers of all ages. Starring: Judi Dench , Steve Coogan , Michelle Fairley , Barbara Jefford. Directed By: Stephen Frears. Critics Consensus: Well-acted and beautifully made, The White Tiger distills the strengths of its source material into a grimly compelling drama.

Starring: Adarsh Gourav , Rajkummar Rao , Priyanka Chopra Jonas , Vedant Sinha. Directed By: Ramin Bahrani. Critics Consensus: Beasts of No Nation finds writer-director Cary Fukunaga working with a talented cast to offer a sobering, uncompromising, yet still somehow hopeful picture of war's human cost. Starring: Idris Elba , Abraham Attah , Opeyemi Fagbohungbe , Kurt Egyiawan. Directed By: Cary Joji Fukunaga. Critics Consensus: High Flying Bird takes a thoughtful and engrossing look at professional sports that sees Steven Soderbergh continuing to test the limits of new filmmaking technology. Starring: Andre Holland , Zazie Beetz , Bill Duke , Sonja Sohn. Directed By: Steven Soderbergh. Starring: Jack Black , Bill Wise , Lee Eddy , Milo Coy. Directed By: Richard Linklater.

Critics Consensus: Happy as Lazzaro uses a friendship's ups and downs as a satisfyingly expansive canvas for a picture rich with thematic and cinematic depth. Starring: Adriano Tardiolo , Tommaso Ragno , Nicoletta Braschi , Alba Rohrwacher. Directed By: Alice Rohrwacher. Critics Consensus: Carla Gugino carries Gerald's Game 's small-scale suspense with a career-defining performance. Starring: Carla Gugino , Bruce Greenwood , Henry Thomas , Carel Struycken. When Harry Met Sally Critics Consensus: Rob Reiner's touching, funny film set a new standard for romantic comedies, and he was ably abetted by the sharp interplay between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Starring: Billy Crystal , Meg Ryan , Carrie Fisher , Bruno Kirby. Directed By: Rob Reiner. Critics Consensus: Suspenseful, well-acted, and intelligent, I Am Mother is an ambitious sci-fi story that largely achieves its impressive aims.

Starring: Hilary Swank , Clara Rugaard , Rose Byrne , Tahlia Sturzaker. Directed By: Grant Sputore. Critics Consensus: An appealing animated adventure whose silliness is anchored in genuine emotion, The Willoughbys offers fanciful fun the entire family can enjoy. Starring: Will Forte , Maya Rudolph , Alessia Cara , Terry Crews. Directed By: Kris Pearn. Critics Consensus: Thanks to director Zak Hilditch's patient storytelling and strong work from lead Thomas Jane, ranks among the more satisfying Stephen King adaptations.

Starring: Thomas Jane , Neal McDonough , Molly Parker , Brian d'Arcy James. Directed By: Zak Hilditch. Critics Consensus: With an outstanding starring performance from Benedict Cumberbatch illuminating its fact-based story, The Imitation Game serves as an eminently well-made entry in the "prestige biopic" genre. Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch , Keira Knightley , Matthew Goode , Rory Kinnear. Directed By: Morten Tyldum. Critics Consensus: Not only does Spider-Man provide a good dose of web-swinging fun, it also has a heart, thanks to the combined charms of director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire. Starring: Tobey Maguire , Willem Dafoe , Kirsten Dunst , James Franco. Critics Consensus: Elevated by a bravura performance from Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Kindergarten Teacher is one American remake that retains its impact the second time around.

Starring: Maggie Gyllenhaal , Gael García Bernal , Michael Chernus , Anna Baryshnikov. Directed By: Sara Colangelo. Critics Consensus: Intense, tightly constructed, and darkly comic at times, Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket may not boast the most original of themes, but it is exceedingly effective at communicating them. Starring: Matthew Modine , Adam Baldwin , Vincent D'Onofrio , R. Lee Ermey. Directed By: Stanley Kubrick. Critics Consensus: Tender performances and a strong sense of style combine to create an eccentric, dreamy portrait of love and loneliness in On Body and Soul.

Starring: Géza Morcsányi , Alexandra Borbély , Zoltán Schneider , Ervin Nagy. Directed By: Ildikó Enyedi. Critics Consensus: Sentimental, slow, schmaltzy, and very satisfying, The Bridges of Madison County finds Clint Eastwood adapting a bestseller with heft, wit, and grace. Starring: Clint Eastwood , Meryl Streep , Annie Corley , Victor Slezak. Directed By: Clint Eastwood. Critics Consensus: Stranger than fiction and just as engrossing, Framing John DeLorean tells its incredible true story in appropriately freewheeling fashion.

TAGGED AS: binge , Binge Guide , Film , movies , Netflix , streaming. Time to get comfy on the couch! The most recent additions of the best movies on Netflix include All Quiet on the Western Front , a new adaptation of the anti-war classic; Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am , examining the life and impact of the Pulitizer and Nobel Prize-winning novelist; and Descendant , which tracks the story of the survivors from the Clotilda, the last ship that carried enslaved Africans to the United States. Synopsis: A refugee couple makes a harrowing escape from war-torn South Sudan, but then they struggle to adjust to their new Synopsis: A groundbreaking summer camp galvanizes teens who have disabilities Synopsis: A filmmaker and her elderly father stage his death in various ways to help them face his inevitable demise Synopsis: Egyptian revolutionaries battle their leaders and regime to build a new society Synopsis: Reporters from The Indianapolis Star expose Dr.

Larry Nassar's sexual abuse of young gymnasts Synopsis: Documentary filmmaker Margaret Brown "The Order of Myths", "The Great Invisible" returns to her hometown of Mobile, Alabama to document Synopsis: When filmmaker Yance Ford investigates the murder of a young black man, it becomes an achingly personal journey since Synopsis: A struggling New York City playwright finds inspiration by reinventing herself as a rapper Synopsis: A young bartender in the Bronx, a coal miner's daughter in West Virginia, a grieving mother in Nevada, and a Synopsis: After Shideh's building is hit by a missile during the Iran-Iraq War, a superstitious neighbor suggests that the missile was Synopsis: In teenager Sandi Tan shoots Singapore's first road movie with her enigmatic American mentor, Georges, who then absconded with takes a close-up look at the civil unrest that erupted after a shocking act of violence in Ferguson, Missouri - and the decades of simmering tension leading up to it.

Synopsis: An account of the Ferguson uprising as told by the people who lived it. The filmmakers look at how the Synopsis: A comedic send-up of the grim circumstances of the Middle Ages as told through the story of King Arthur and Synopsis: In a couple take over an adult book store, and the store becomes the biggest distributor of gay porn Synopsis: Tensions and temperatures rise at a Chicago music studio in when fiery, fearless blues singer Ma Rainey joins her Synopsis: Staff Sgt. William James Jeremy Renner , Sgt. Sanborn Anthony Mackie and Specialist Owen Eldridge Brian Geraghty are members of Synopsis: Toby is a divorced father who's trying to make a better life for his son.

His brother Tanner is an takes a fittingly patient and honest look at the life and legacy of a television pioneer whose work has enriched generations. Synopsis: Filmmaker Morgan Neville examines the life and legacy of Fred Rogers, the beloved host of the popular children's TV show Synopsis: Performer Rudy Ray Moore develops an outrageous character named Dolemite, who becomes an underground sensation and star of a kung-fu, Synopsis: A boy Julian Dennison and his foster father Sam Neill become the subjects of a manhunt after they get stranded Synopsis: Set in the rural American South during World War II, Dee Rees' Mudbound is an epic story of two families Synopsis: Filmmaker Ava DuVernay explores the history of racial inequality in the United States, focusing on the fact that the nation's Synopsis: Author Toni Morrison leads an assembly of her peers, critics and colleagues on an exploration of race, history, America and Synopsis: A severed hand escapes from a dissection lab, determined to find its body again Synopsis: A London teen takes care of her younger brother after their mother abruptly leaves Synopsis: Cleo is one of two domestic workers who help Antonio and Sofía take care of their four children in s Synopsis: Arranged to marry a rich man, young Ada is crushed when her true love goes missing at sea during a Synopsis: Since its founding in , Manassas High School in North Memphis has never had a football team win a playoff Synopsis: A teenage girl's love letters are exposed and wreak havoc on her life Synopsis: Brian Cohen Graham Chapman is an average young Jewish man, but through a series of ridiculous events, he gains a Synopsis: An ex-convict tries to readjust to life in his small town and forms an intense relationship with his former high Synopsis: In the s, truck driver Frank Sheeran gets involved with Russell Bufalino and his Pennsylvania crime family.

As Sheeran climbs Synopsis: After carefree teenager Jay Maika Monroe sleeps with her new boyfriend, Hugh Jake Weary , for the first time, she learns Synopsis: In post-industrial Ohio, a Chinese billionaire opens a new factory in the husk of an abandoned General Motors plant. Synopsis: A desperate postman accidentally brings about the genesis of Santa Claus Synopsis: Jack Manfred Clive Owen is an aspiring writer who to make ends meet, takes a job as a croupier. Synopsis: A stage director and his actor wife struggle through a grueling divorce that pushes them to their limits Synopsis: Severe, pale-eyed, handsome, Phil Burbank is brutally beguiling.

All of Phil's romance, power and fragility is trapped in the past Synopsis: Alone on a seaside vacation, Leda becomes consumed with a young mother and daughter as she watches them on the Synopsis: In an era when terrifying beasts roamed the seas, monster hunters were celebrated heroes -- and none were more beloved Synopsis: In an alternate reality of present-day Oakland, Calif. Synopsis: When a failed nuclear fusion experiment results in an explosion that kills his wife, Dr. Otto Octavius Alfred Molina is Synopsis: The adult children of Harold Meyerowitz reunite in New York in preparation for their father's career retrospective Synopsis: Stanley Sugerman's Adam Sandler love for basketball is unparalleled, but the travel weary Philadelphia 76ers scout who has higher ambitions Synopsis: A couple coping with infertility struggle to keep their marriage going as they navigate through the world of adoption and Synopsis: A camgirl has her principles, until a mysterious woman who looks just like her takes over her channel Synopsis: The history of the Fyre Music Festival, from its creation through its unraveling Synopsis: Filmmaker Martin Scorsese chronicles the troubled spirit of America in along with the joyous music that Bob Dylan performed Synopsis: FINAL ACCOUNT is an urgent portrait of the last living generation of everyday people to participate in Adolf Hitler's Third Synopsis: A deaf woman is stalked by a killer in her home Synopsis: In Southern Israel, a teen's Lamis Ammar forbidden love affair challenges the traditions of her Bedouin mother and father Synopsis: When James Bond's Daniel Craig latest assignment goes terribly wrong, it leads to a calamitous turn of events: Undercover agents Synopsis: Four African American vets battle the forces of man and nature when they return to Vietnam seeking the remains of Synopsis: Jesse Pinkman flees from the police and tries to escape his inner turmoil Synopsis: Manny, Joel, and Jonah tear their way through childhood.

Their mother and father have a volatile relationship that makes and Synopsis: The Aviator introduces a girl to a world where she rediscovers her childhood and learns that it's human connections that Synopsis: Pop singer Taylor Swift reveals intimate details of her life while showcasing backstage and onstage concert footage Synopsis: They are the best-kept secret in the universe. Working for a highly funded yet unofficial government agency, Kay Tommy Lee Synopsis: Filmmaker Alex Gibney examines the case of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and how their actions have changed the way democratic Synopsis: All Quiet on the Western Front tells the gripping story of a young German soldier on the Western Front of Synopsis: Two overworked and underpaid assistants come up with a plan to get their bosses off their backs by setting them Synopsis: When filmmaker Bryan Fogel sets out to uncover the truth about doping in sports, a chance meeting with a Russian Synopsis: Using hours of footage from the set of "Man on the Moon," filmmaker Chris Smith documents Jim Carrey's transformation Synopsis: A has-been actor, known for playing British detective Mindhorn, works alongside the police to catch a serial killer who will Synopsis: Werner Herzog and volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer travel the globe and visit volcanoes in Indonesia, Ethiopia and even North Korea in Synopsis: A young man upsets his father when he pursues his dream of becoming a master sommelier instead of joining the Synopsis: Renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock and his sister Cyril are at the center of British fashion in s London -- dressing Synopsis: Holland March Ryan Gosling is a down-on-his-luck private eye in Los Angeles.

Jackson Healy Russell Crowe is a hired Synopsis: Following the terrorist attacks of Sept. Synopsis: After her marriage to a wealthy businessman Alec Baldwin collapses, New York socialite Jasmine Cate Blanchett flees to San Francisco Synopsis: In , Irish teenager Philomena Judi Dench became pregnant out of wedlock and was sent to a convent. When her Synopsis: Balram Halwai Adarsh Gourav narrates his epic and darkly humorous rise from poor villager to successful entrepreneur in modern India Synopsis: As civil war rages in Africa, a fierce warlord Idris Elba trains a young orphan Abraham Attah to join his Synopsis: A sports agent pitches a controversial business opportunity to a rookie basketball player during a lockout Synopsis: Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood tells the story of the first moon landing in the summer of Synopsis: Lazzaro, a good-hearted young peasant, and Tancredi, a young nobleman cursed by his imagination, form a life-altering bond when Tancredi Synopsis: A woman accidentally kills her husband during a kinky game.

Handcuffed to her bed with no hope of rescue, she Synopsis: In , college graduates Harry Burns Billy Crystal and Sally Albright Meg Ryan share a contentious car ride from Chicago Synopsis: A teenage girl is raised by a robot designed to repopulate Earth. Their bond is tested when a stranger arrives Synopsis: Neglected by their parents, four old-fashioned siblings venture out into the modern world with their new nanny

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WebHis House () % 74% #1 Critics Consensus: Featuring genuine scares through every corridor, His House is a terrifying look at the specters of the refugee experience Web1. The Godfather () R | min | Crime, Drama Rate Metascore The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty in postwar New York City transfers control of his Web3. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery () PG | min | Comedy, Crime, Drama Rate 81 Metascore Famed Southern detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece for his Web · 51%. Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths Opens Nov 04, 89%. Causeway Opens Nov 04, 90%. Something In The Dirt Opens Nov 04, Web1. The Novice () R | 97 min | Drama, Sport, Thriller Rate 85 Metascore A college freshman joins her university's rowing team and undertakes an obsessive physical and Web1. The Power of the Dog () R | min | Drama, Romance, Western Rate 89 Metascore Charismatic rancher Phil Burbank inspires fear and awe in those around him. ... read more

Votes: 5, Harry Potter Movie series. The Worst Person in the World R min Comedy, Drama, Romance 7. Directed By: Gina Prince-Bythewood. Starring: Henry Czerny , Mimi Kuzyk , Mark O'Brien , Mayko Nguyen.

R 92 min Drama, Mystery. Votes: 6, Director: Tom Gormican Stars: Nicolas CagePedro PascalTiffany HaddishSharon Horgan. Synopsis: Late on a cold night somewhere in the U. Star Wars: Episode V - Top movies rating Empire Strikes Back